Política de reembolso

Refund Policy


The purchase of all digital products, pdf downloads and online content is subject to the following terms of service. All customers are advised to review these terms and conditions carefully before making any purchase.



  • No returns or refunds on digital files or digital content.
    1. After files are downloaded from Jincom’s site, there are many variables outside Jincom’s control (networks, operating systems, browsers, programs, applications) that can corrupt the files or make access problematic. Jincom will treat alleged defects in the integrity of the digital files as follows:
      1. If you feel your digital files are defective in some way, please email us (store@jincom.com) explaining your problem and attach the digital file within 14 days from purchase.
      2. Jincom will have a look at the matter, but we will only accept responsibility for the problem if your complaint is compelling or consistent with any other contemporaneous complaints.
  • If we decide to accept responsibility, we will send you a replacement digital file.
  1. However, no refunds shall be issued unless Jincom is unable to send you a replacement digital file.
  1. As what we sell is what you see is what you get, we do not issue any refunds for any reasons of dissatisfaction with the digital content under any circumstances.
    1. If you feel that any of our digital content can be improved, please email us explaining your suggestion.
    2. If we feel that your suggestion is a good one, and we can use it to improve our content offering, we will share with you a free copy of the improved version of the content once we have implemented the changes.
  • But please understand that by offering your suggestion you do so freely and you will have no claim to any intellectual property rights to our digital content that may represent or contain your suggestion.
  1. As Jincom’s digital files and digital content is further subject to Jincom's terms and conditions, which may be foundhere ___